Abeer Medical Group

About Abeer Medical Group

Abeer Medical Group has transformed the healthcare domain in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE & India. The group at present owns and manages 22 healthcare facilities that include hospitals and high end medical centers and is becoming one of the most successful healthcare providers in the GCC. With a team of best doctors, world class medical professionals, nursing and hospital management professionals, Abeer’s leadership extends to all aspects of the healthcare spectrum.

Abeer is now on a roll diversifying itself. Apart from aligning its vision with the celebrated Vision of Saudi Arabia, Abeer is making gentle strides to participate with the National Health Vision 2023 proclaimed by Qatar Government. Accordingly, new plans are being implemented to build state-of-the-art facilities in Qatar comprising medical centers and multispecialty hospitals.

Abeer’s paramount objective is to achieve the status of the globally trusted caregiver by refining and redefining the group’s healthcare interventions.