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Abeer Medical Group - Introducing Tele-Consultations.


In situations where a pandemic is declared, the feelings of anxiety and uncertainty can overwhelm people, and health systems can struggle to cope with an uncontrolled and exponential demand. We deliver consistent, high-quality, remote medical assistance that meets rigorous health and security requirements.

Abeer Medical Group allows a patient to feel as if she or he were present without being physically in the same location as medical staff. Patients and medical personnel interact virtually via technology interactions that happen between our physician and patient for the purpose of providing diagnostic or therapeutic advice through electronic means.

Our Digital Consultation Service safeguards patient health and wellbeing while reducing operational costs. The secure Teleconsultation platform, performed from the Abeer Medical Group, provides video conferencing to perform return to Health consultations, quickly and without the need to be in physical connect with a doctor or practioner.

You can find us delivering 24/7 health assistance across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, operating with strict data protection policies to safeguard patient’s private information with help of solutions that are highly secure and providing end to end encryption.

Tele-Consultation FAQ

How does a Patient connect on the call to conduct a Tele-Consult Consultation with a doctor?

The Tele-Consult was designed to provide easy access to doctors in just a few steps
From a Desktop or Laptop:
After the payment made Via payment Gateway.
Patient will receive SMS having payment confirmation and Datetime for Appointment with Doctor with URL link.
Patient has to use the SMS URL link and wait on the same page (don’t close page) for doctor on the scheduled time.
Doctor will video call the patient as per scheduled, if he is online. From a Mobile Phone:
After the payment made Via payment Gateway.
Patient will receive SMS having payment confirmation and Datetime for Appointment with Doctor with URL link.
Patient will have to click the URL link from SMS and wait on the same page (don’t close page) for doctor on the scheduled time.
Doctor will video call the patient as per scheduled, if he is online.

What do I expect when I call the call center requesting Tele-Consult..?

As you connect to the call, one of our qualified agents will register your details such as Name, Saudi ID or Iqama number and transfer this information to the Tele-Consult office. The Tele-Consult officer will call you back and explain the procedure to be followed and subsequently take it forward from there on.

Will my insurance cover Tele-Consult consultation service?

In many cases, Tele-Consult services are covered by insurance, depending on your insurance provider.

Do I require to provide consent prior to receiving services of Tele-Consult?

Just as any physical visit to the hospital or medical center must follow the Ministry of Health requirements of professional and best practices for acquiring informed consent for in-person consultations the same requirements should be followed for the delivery of health services via Tele-Consult.

When a Tele-Consult officer is in conversation with you, He/She shall send you a link with the consent along with reading out or informing you about the aspects of consent, you are expected to access the link live and click on AGREE along with typing your First Name and Last name (Patient), mobile number and ID Number. A Confirmation to Tele-Consult is based upon your acceptance to Consent.

Is Tele-Consult private and secure?

Just like a Face-to-Face appointment, your Tele-Consult consultation will also be private and confidential

Is the quality of care the same as in-person visit?

The quality of Tele-Consult in alignment to Tele-Health is a method conforming to years of research, and it has been found and demonstrated to be a safe and convenient way to provide healthcare services to patients requiring remote support.

Who benefits from Tele-Consult?

Patients: Tele-Consult gives patients the opportunity to receive care without having to visit doctor’s facility. They don’t have to take time away from work or family responsibilities. They don’t waste time traveling, or money on parking or transportation. They don’t risk exposure to other patients with communicable illnesses. And they get better health outcomes and become more engaged in their own healthcare.

The healthcare system: Even if you never use the Tele-Consult yourself, you will likely benefit from the practice. The efficiency of Tele-Consult will reduce wait times for in-person visits, help keep patients with non-urgent conditions out of the emergency rooms and improve the overall health of people

Will Tele-Consult stop me from doing a physical Face to Face Visit to my physician?

Absolutely not!
While technology will continue to enhance the delivery of healthcare as we know it today, it will never eliminate the need for in-person interactions with your primary care provider. Your personal relationship with your doctor will always be of key importance for your health care.

What Medical specialties can I use Tele-Consult for?

A In theory you can use Tele-Consult for almost any health care concern, as Tele-Consult services are structured similarly to an in-person encounter with a physician. Most often, however, Tele-Consult is used when a patient needs immediate and live access to primary and specialized services from anywhere.

Can Tele-Consult services be performed on a patient who is not in the same location?

A Tele-Consult doctor and a patient may be in separate locations within K.S.A, when Tele-Consult is used to provide healthcare services to a patient.

Can the Tele-Consult service be used to prescribe controlled medications?

While the ability to write prescriptions via Tele-Consult offers an attractive opportunity to streamline the patient-doctor experience and reach patients with limited access to health care, prescribed controlled medicines are a highly regulated area of law by healthcare regulators, and need to be prescribed by a specialized physician.

Does a patient have to visit an ABEER Medical Group medical center or hospital in-person before conducting a Tele-Consult conference via Video call?

No, it is not necessary for the doctor/patient relationship to be established in-person.

What are the operation hours of the Tele-Consult services?

Our doctors are available based on the doctor’s scheduled time in website.

Are there any restrictions on the number of times I can Tele-Consult with a doctor?

You can call as many times as you need to do your doctor’s consultation. We take your health concerns very seriously and will be making follow up calls if needed to continue to assess and assist in your progress.

Do you also handle Emergencies within Tele-Consult?

No. Tele-Consult is not an appropriate replacement for a true emergency. Please visit our nearest emergency center or call 920015888.

What Languages do the physicians speak/understand?

Our physicians are proficient in multiple languages; however, English and Arabic are the main languages for the teleconsultation platform.

who may I contact if I’m having technical difficulties in connecting to the service?

We are happy to assist you if you are having technical difficulties or any other questions you might have. We ask that you create a ticket in the ‘Suggestions/Feedback/ box’ and our assigned Patient Experience Team will call to assist you. Call Center #920015888

Is there any minimum age requirement?

There is no age limit required to do a video conferencing consultation, but in case the patient is a minor they need to be accompanied by a parent, or an assistant in case of Senior Citizens requiring help.

How is my confidential information saved?

The patient confidentiality and privacy policy is in accordance with the values of ABEER, and in line with Charter of Patient’s Rights & Responsibilities mandated by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health (MOH).

Is this service available to family / relatives / friends?

The Tele-Consult consultation services are available to all members of the community as they need it.

May I speak with a doctor on behalf of my spouse or another adult (such as a parent)?

Yes, you may speak with the doctor, however, and only on behalf of any of your family members.

Are there any charges?

In many cases, Tele-Consult services are covered by insurance, depending on your insurance provider.

Why am I asked to provide detailed documentation containing information of personal identification?

You are required to provide your personal information in order that first a consultation eligibility may be arrived at and second is to fulfill Ministry and Health Insurance related requirements. Patient Identification policy of both MoH and Abeer applies in this regard.

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